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RCS White Label

You may become a

RCS Messaging provider

to your customers with the EASYGOSMS white label solution, which allows you to send and receive

Google RCS messages

online through a fully branded site with no mention of EASYGOSMS. As a result, you will be able to set your own price and so generate additional revenue for your organisation. We give you your own account creation tool, master account, and reports so you can keep an eye on everything.

RCS White Label allows you to send RCS messages with your own brand.

Run your own business within mobile application apps, and extend the scope of your established company.
Adopt our


and offer it to make your brand stand among others.
Take advantage of

Google RCS Services


How can you start your own business?

Using our white-labeled

RCS Messaging

SMS aggregator infrastructure as your own, you can start your own

Bulk SMS Gateway

business now. Resell

RCS Messaging services

to start making money. Find clients and resell

Google RCS White Label messages

in tiny batches to them. Our SMS Gateway platform at EASYGOSMS is totally customisable in terms of branding. You can choose your own brand colours and logo, as well as your own web address. In the administration panel, you may create

text message

marketing price lists and manage all of your activity.

How it works?

Use our

White Label Program

and sell it your prospects as a new product, or build a new business with completely new option. Extend your business with EASYGOSMS bulk

RCS Messaging Gateway

, under your brand name.

We offer a full RCS Messaging reseller white label Gateway solution.

You gain access to the administration control panel with our

RCS Messaging Services

platform, which allows you to monitor your clients' performance, add credits, change rates, and adjust many parameters in our white-label

RCS Messaging gateway


RCS Messaging Provider:

With RCS White Label Program you can become a reseller of Google RCS Messaging. EASYGOSMS gives you the benefit of white label reselling program. By opting Reselling option, you can also become Google RCS Messaging Provider.

White Label:

White-label software is software that a firm buys from a service provider and then rebrands as its own. The majority of white label software originates from software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies who lease out the rights to their software or charge a monthly fee.

RCS Messages:

Google RCS Messages are the future of SMS Marketing as RCS Messages gives you the benefit of sharing rich media in your SMS and to reach your customers in a most prominent way by adding new features in your Normal Message.

The main features of RCS Reseller Program is:

• White Label :

EASYGOSMS gives you the benefit of

White Label RCS Messaging


• Customization :

Make use of your own website, brand, colours, marketing strategies, and pricing.

• Routes of several types are available :

Create a routing system for your clients depending on your and their needs for

RCS Messaging


• Prices that are adaptable :

All of our partners benefit from competitive pricing, allowing them to compete in local markets.

• Create a price list for each client :

You can specify individual rates for each client. It is possible to generate a number of typical pricing lists.

• Payment integration is simple :

You can integrate with several different payment services directly which allows you to easily collect payments from your clients at any time.