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  • What is Bulk Voice Call?

    Bulk Voice Call

    allows you to send

    pre-recorded voice call

    to multiple recipients in a short span of time.
  • What are the advantages of Voice Call?
    There are many advantages of using

    Voice Call


    You can easily send the

    pre-recorded voice call

    message to your prospects in their

    native language


    DND & Non- Filtered Gateways

    In a

    voice calling system

    , the filter that separates

    DND customers

    is always present in the software

    Schedule Calls

    - Another feature it offers is the ability to

    schedule calls

    . There's no need to keep


    the phone number.
  • What is the billing system for Bulk Voice Call?

    Bulk Voice Call

    , you are only charged for the calls which are answered.
    Unanswered calls are not being charged.
  • Are reports available in voice call?
    Yes, Reports are available in this.
  • Can I customized voice broadcast campaign?
    Yes, if the data is provided with complete details, than it can be


  • How long of a message can be record?

    voice message

    , 1 Pulse = 15 seconds, and you can record the message according to your requirement.
  • What is pulse in Voice Message?
    Pulse in

    voice message

    refers to the time of your voice message.
    1 Pulse = 15 seconds.
  • What happen if the voice message is of 16 seconds?
    If the

    voice message

    is of 16 seconds than it will be count as 2 Pulse.
  • Can I maintain more than one list in the voice message?
    Yes, you can maintain more than one list.
  • Do you provide professional voice recordings?
    Yes, we do provide professional

    voice recording

    and the charges may differ.
  • How does automated voice call help customer service?

    Automated Calls

    ensures to convey the important message automatically to all the customers.
  • What do I need to make a Voice Call?

    Automated calls

    are purely web-based. Therefore, all you need is just a computer with a IP connection, and a tech person to do the integration