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  • How to send images in SMS?

    To send images in SMS, you need to

    enable RCS

    in your phone.
  • What is Possible with RCS?

    1) Branding and business verification
    2) Suggested replies and actions( Help customers to take the next steps by suggesting them the replies)
    3) Personalised Conversations
    4) Carousel Images
  • Why RCS is better than SMS?

    Features RCS SMS
    Character limit No Yes, 160 characters
    Send Images/Image sharing Yes No
    Send Documents/ Document Sharing Yes No
    Share Location/Location Sharing Yes No
    Video Call Yes No
    See read receipt Yes No
    Group Chat Yes No
    QR Codes Yes No
    Audio Messaging Yes No
    Business Account Verification Yes No
    Suggested Replies Yes No
    Typing Indicator Yes No
    Two-way Messaging Yes Yes
    Built-in native support Yes(for android) Yes
    Carousel Layout Yes No
    Payment Link Yes No
  • How can RCS help marketers?

    RCS is an

    effective tool

    for growing your business. Its power is that it gives you more

    creative freedom

    because it does not have as

    many limitations as SMS

    .By using logos and colours,


    can create a

    personalized experience

    • Cost Effectiveness

      When you use RCS, you will gain Business advantages with a solution that is easy on Budget.
    • RCS Gain’s Customer Trust

      RCS Chabot’s send messages to verified and branded profiles. Messages that has been sent from verified profiles will have higher open rates and which will lead to more customer interaction.
    • Verified Sending

      With RCS messaging your clients will be able to instantly verify you’re authorized through sender verification.
    • Quick Replies

      The basic principle behind RCS Quick Replies is the same, but instead of having to type out the appropriate response and submit – your customer just taps a button
    • Rich Cards

      Rich Cards combine an image or video, text content, suggested actions and quick replies into a single message which can be delivered in a customized layout.
    • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

      Suggested Replies and one-on-one conversations will help you enhance customer satisfaction. It will make easy for users to send messages and improve their experience with your brand.
    • Personalized Messaging

      RCS will allow you to experience personalized messages based on user’s interest. It will help in increase in conversion rate because as a marketer you are aware about customer’s choice.
  • How to enable RCS in your Android Phone?

    So, Assume, that your phone is connected to a carrier that supports RCS. Your phone must have Wi-Fi or data connection. If your carrier does not support RCS than it will go back to SMS messaging.
    • If you haven't already, download

      Google's Messages app.

    • Once installed, open the Messages app.
    • Open up the messages app and Tap on the

      three dots

      (three vertical dots) showing in the top right corner.
    • Select


    • Tap on the

      Chat Features.

    • If the enable Chat Feature toggle is turned off, then turn on the Enable

      chat features

      toggle switch by tapping it once.
    • If the Chat Feature toggle is already turned on, then you are all set to use RCS.
    • Further down you can enable or disable some of the features, like read receipts or typing indicators.
  • Having trouble with the Android Messages app's Chat feature?

    Check the Google Play Store to see if an app update is available. If so, install it (you will also need to update the Carrier Services app on the Play Store) Once the Android Messages app and Carrier Services app are updated, Chat features will automatically be enabled.

    RCS is the next level of

    SMS marketing

    , allowing users to send and receive high-quality images, typing indicators, location sharing, group conversations, and video calls.
  • How to disable RCS?

    For disabling RCS in your phone, you just need to follow the following steps.
    1) Open up the messages app and Tap on the three dots (three vertical dots) showing in the top right corner
    2) Select Settings
    3) Tap on the Chat Features.
    4) If the enable Chat Feature toggle is turned on, then turn off the Enable chat features toggle switch by tapping it once.
  • Is Google RCS free?

    RCS app

    is available for free to all android users.
  • How do I know if Chat Features or SMS/MMS is being used?

    For RCS features

    to work both the sender and receiver must have the

    Chat feature enabled

    . If the receiver doesn’t have the

    Chat features

    - which includes all iPhone users as well as some Android users with other carriers - the message will default to Text (SMS/MMS).
  • Do you need Mobile Data for RCS?

    RCS uses a data connection

    , whether it is Wi-Fi or Mobile Data to send messages between two-enabled RCS devices; When

    Mobile data or RCS is not available

    , than messages will be send as

    standard message

  • How can I check if I have RCS support on my phone?

    1) Open the app and hit the menu in the top right-hand corner.
    2) Select Settings
    3) Select Chat features.
    4) Chat features will tell you if you have support or not, and if it's enabled.
  • Does RCS work without Internet?

    RCS features

    are available worldwide, regardless of whether you are roaming or not, as long as you are connected to WiFi or have a mobile data connection. If you can't find the connection, the


    can be converted to


    (Short Message Service/Multimedia Messaging Service).
  • Does Whatsapp use RCS?

    WhatsApp and


    are two totally separate messaging applications. WhatsApp is a Meta-owned messaging service that only works with reliable internet access.

    RCS messaging

    , on the other hand, is a sophisticated messaging protocol that acts as a carrier and is supported by an


  • What are the benefits of using chat features?

    Chat features

    give you a more advanced and comprehensive communications experience. Features of the chat.

    When someone is typing, let you know.

    Provide read receipts

    (show when someone has read or received your


    , as well as showing your contact when you read their message)

    Chat features will tell you if you have support or not, and if it's enabled.
    Messages can be sent using both

    mobile data and Wi-Fi


    Allows you to



    photographs and data


    When you use the chat capabilities, your messages are sent via Wi-Fi and mobile data using the

    Rich Communication Services (RCS)

    protocol. Only when all of the participants in a conversation have

    chat features

    will they be



  • I don't have the Messages app installed on my phone. Is it still possible for me to use the chat features?

    If your country/carrier offers chat, then yes. If your default messaging app doesn't have

    chat functions

    , install the

    Messages app

    on your Android smartphone.
  • How can I tell if I'm chatting with someone or not?

    Your messages are sent using chat features if the compose box in your conversation says

    "Chat message"

    . You may verify the availability and status of your chat features by heading to Menu , Settings , and then Chat features. Chat messages you have sent are darker blue in color than SMS/MMS messages.
  • What is a group chat, and what happens if I add folks who don't have chat capabilities?

    You might be able to form SMS/MMS groups even if none of the participants have chat turned on.
  • "Setting up" is the state of my chat feature. What's the best way to get chat features?

    When we're authenticating your phone number, the status of your

    chat features

    will indicate

    "Setting up"

    . If the "Setting up" state is shown for more than a day, your Messages app is unable to


    your phone number.

    To double-check your phone number, go to
    Go to the Menu , Settings , then finally

    Chat features

    . Press RETRY and then confirm your phone number when requested.

    Chat features will tell you if you have support or not, and if it's enabled.
    Google will send an


    to confirm your

    phone number


    Make sure you can receive SMS



  • Will typing indicators and read receipts work if the recipient doesn't have access to chat?

    No, but


    SMS/MMS, will work.
  • What can I do if I'm not sure if my phone supports RCS?

    Select the three dots in the upper right corner of the messages (thread) screen, then Settings, then Advanced and Enhanced Features while in Android Messages. You can check whether RCS is turned on or off.
    You don't have RCS capabilities if you don't see those options to enable advanced functionality.
  • What does "chat" mean in my text message?

    You're using

    Chat features

    if you see


    in the typing area when sending a message. You're using Text (SMS/MMS) if you see


    in the typing field when sending a message.
  • How do I convert SMS to RCS?

    You can easily convert SMS in to RCS by

    tapping three vertical dots

    on the

    top right corner

    and turning on the

    chat feature

  • What is different about Google RCS Messaging?

    Google RCS Messaging

    is different from Normal SMS as

    Google RCS Messaging

    gives you the benefit of Delivery and Read Receipts.

    Google RCS Messaging

    also gives you the feature to check that the recipient has read your message or not.

    RCS Messaging

    also gives you the feature of Verified Sender, which will help to eradicate spam.
  • What is different about Google RCS Messaging?

    Yes, the

    Google Messaging app

    provides the feature of automatic deletion of OTP’s SMS i.e. if the customer enables the feature of automatic deletion. The SMS will be deleted after 24 hours from the time of delivery.
  • How to pair Google RCS Messages with web?

    You can simply Pair your device with web, by on this link and scanning the code. Once the scanning is done, you are all set to use

    Google RCS Messaging

    in your system. Furthermore, you can toggle in the features, like Remember this Device for future log in’s.
    Text on your device by pairing your phone
    1) On your phone, open Messages by Google
    2) Tap More options from your conversation list and select

    Device pairing

    3) Tap

    QR code scanner

    and scan the code on this device
  • How to clean OTP Messages?

    To turn on the automatic deletion of OTP Messages, you just need to follow these steps.
    1) Open up

    Google Messages

    on your Android device.

    2) Look for and

    tap the three-dot menu

    at the top-right corner of your screen.

    3) Tap


    4) Look for and tap

    Message organization.

    5) In Message organization, Toggle on the

    Auto-Delete OTP’s.

    Once enable, your OTP’s will be deleted after 24 hours.
  • Is Google RCS available in India?


    Google RCS Messages

    are available in India.
  • What makes RCS unique?

    RCS Chat features,

    includes Rich Media interactivity which allows the users to share images, videos, locations, pdf etc. It also gives other functionalities.