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One Click Pay

With One-Click Payment, you can spare your frequent clients the trouble of having to re-enter their card information for each purchase. They can save their card data on the merchant's website after their first transaction and pay with a simple click after that.Accept payments more quickly and easily. With PayVG, you can ensure a flawless shopping experience for your consumers by allowing them to pay with one click rather of having to enter card information each time.


Collections at a lower cost

Our UPI-based payment messages are half the price of traditional payment gateways.

Payment link/button built-in

Payment reminders can be turned into payment messages with clickable links and buttons.

An improved user experience

Allow payments to be made at the point of communication in a straightforward and efficient way.

Increase the effectiveness

Increase the impact of your SMS/WA marketing in collecting dues by incorporating automated collections into your outreach operations.

Save Time

Now, save your time with PayVG one click payment.

Avoid the inconveniences of collecting

Avoid the inconveniences of sending several payment reminders to the customer.

Increase your sales

Your customers will appreciate a simpler and faster purchasing experience, while you will improve sales and profit. You will increase client retention and loyalty by providing a one-click purchasing option.


Purchases that are made with a single click

For registered returning customers, the PayVG one-click card payment system provides a convenient way to pay. A customer can pay with a single click after their first purchase. Further purchases can be made instantaneously, with no need to re-enter card information.
Your customer registers on your site and makes his or her first transaction.
The PayVG system tokenizes the card details he/she submits for the initial transaction (card number, first and last name of cardholder, CVV2/CVC2, expiration date). The first payment's reference ID is saved in the system. When a customer makes a purchase in your online store and selects the Pay with card option, the system remembers the reference ID from the previous transaction and charges his or her card. That's all there is to it! Your buyer makes a payment and brings you profit with only one click.

One click Bill Pay



payment   Insurance premium payment
Bank   Bank payment
Load   Loan EMI


Medical_bill   Medical bills
Credit_card_bill   Credit card bill
school_fees   School/college fees


Electricity   Electricity
Gas   Gas
Water   Water