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  • What is Missed Call Service?

    Missed Call

    Service is a cloud based service which allows you to create lead generation, feedback, mobile verification etc.
  • Is the caller operator is going to charge him/her?
    No, the caller operator is not going to charge any amount for the

    missed call

  • What is the validity of my Toll Free Missed Call Number?
    The validity of your

    Toll Free Missed Call Number

    depends on the plan which you have chosen.
  • Can I send a message on every Missed Call?
    Yes, you can send a


    on every

    Missed Call

  • How many missed calls can I receive using this Missed Call Service Plan?
    It depends on the plan which you have chosen.
  • What happens if my Incoming Call exceed my plan?
    Then extra charges will be charged for the same.
  • How to renew my existing Missed Call Plan?
    To renew your existing

    missed call

    plan, kindly contact to our sales team.
  • Is it possible to track the location of the caller(s) using the Missed Called Alert Services?
    Yes, you can check the operator’s location.
  • What type of number do you provide for Missed Call Service?
    We provide both numbers GSM numbers and

    Toll Free Numbers

  • What is the security of your portal?
    Our portal is completely


  • Do you provide customized Portal according to the need?
    Yes, we do provide the


    portal according to client’s need.