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Bulk Email Services

As the rise of Bulk SMS Marketing,

Bulk e-mail marketing

still remains the best communication tool to promote your Business.

Email marketing

has been proven the most effective and strong marketing tool which can help your brand to communicate on your behalf perfectly and efficiently.

Bulk Email marketing

is trending these day with lots of advantage wherein you can send your customers graphics or clickable HTML link. EASYGOSMS Provides an easy to use

Bulk e-mail

marketing platform, which helps you to launch Professional marketing campaigns. We have a user friendly interface wherein customer can send their


on their own. EASYGOSMS is one of the best

bulk email marketing

companies in India, small and medium scale businesses, companies are now integrating direct

email marketing

into their customer acquisition and retention programs. Our

bulk mail services

suits both regular

email marketers

as well as one-time

bulk email

campaigns. Our dedicated

bulk email service

plans offers cost effective service for same as well as companies to send

bulk emails


Why To Choose ?

Personalized E-mails
You can send customized


to your prospects based on the needs.
Cost Effective

Email marketing

is a very cost effective form of online lead generation.
Analytics & Data

Bulk e-mail marketing

analytics will allow you to monitor, how your subscribers are responding.
Send Time Optimization
Our system will maximize your engagement by sending


at right time.
Pre-defined Templates

An email template

is a preformatted that you may use to quickly and easily produce and create


by replacing the content with your own.
To ensure that you reach all of your subscribers, a decent bulk mailing platform must ensure excellent deliverability.

Bulk Email Feature

  • Can check how many times mail has been read or open or clicked
  • Can get EASYGOSMS’S Report wise data(Monthly, weekly, daily)

    Bulk email marketing

    you may track the live reporting of your email.

    Bulk email

    provides open route.

    Bulk email

    services provides you.
  • EASYGOSMS has a team of tech experts which gives 100% customer satisfaction.

What is e-mail services?

Bulk Email Services:

Bulk Email services is a type of communication that allows you to promote your product, tell your brand's story, and connect with your subscribers. It's a low-cost way to reach out to and engage with your customers. Through targeted

email marketing campaigns

, you can nurture your leads, potential customers, and retain your current customers. Create and execute successful campaigns in minutes using our simple platform. We assist you in sending targeted campaigns that ensure 100% deliverability and a higher ROI.

Types of Bulk E-mail

Marketing Emails:

Marketing emails

are basically the

promotional emails

that will help you to promote your brand by creating awareness and attracting the attention of your prospects.

Marketing emails

target the existing customers and new prospects to inform them about the new product.
Transactional Emails:

Transactional emails

are automated mails send from one receiver to one sender, basically related to account notifications.

Transactional e-mails

are used for Account alerts (account creation emails, subscription ending, credit card expiring, etc.), mainly used by Banks, Schools, online sellers etc. These mails are also used for Password reset and to give the updates about Password reset.

Email newsletters

keep your readers up to date on your company's activities. This mass email should include more than just information about your services. Provide how-to instructions and other helpful information to assist clients get the most out of your product or service.
Acquisition Emails:
Prospects on your


list are more likely to convert into customers if you send them

acquisition emails

. These

email campaigns

are aimed at readers who have expressed interest but have yet to make a purchase from your mailing list. You can provide unique discounts and extensive information with them to help them understand the value of your product