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  • What is Bulk SMS?
    Bulk SMS is a service that give you the benefit of sending large number of SMS to a large number of audience at once.
  • To how many contacts can I send the same SMS message?
    Bulk SMS allows you to send an SMS message to database of 50,000 contacts in one submission using the Bulk SMS API.
  • How long does it take to deliver Bulk SMS?
    Bulk SMS can be delivered instantly.
  • How can I check the delivery status?
    You may check the delivery report at same time of the SMS shoot and you may check the proper MIS report after 24 hours, due to re shoot of SMS from Operator’s end.
  • What is Bulk SMS Unit?
    1 unit refers to 1 SMS that is 160 characters.
  • What are the types of Bulk SMS?
    There are two types of Bulk SMS.
    1) Transactional SMS
    2) Promotional SMS
  • Does Bulk SMS supports any other language?
    Yes, Bulk SMS supports regional languages too.
  • Can I send SMS in Regional Language?
    Yes, you can send Bulk SMS in any regional language.
  • Can I send Bulk SMS in Hindi & English Only?
    You can send bulk SMS in any language.
  • How do I retrieve my Password?
    You can retrieve your password by opening the panel Forget Password’s option.
  • What is Sender id?
    Sender ID is unique 6 character name from which message is sent.
  • Is Country code required?
    Yes, (+91) is required. / Yes, Country code is required.
  • Do I get notified when my credits are low?
    Yes, you will automatically receive an SMS.
  • Do you add text to my SMS?
    No, we don’t add any text to your SMS.
  • How can I make payment for credits?
    The payment can be made through fund transfer by cheque, IMPS, RTGS.
  • How long does it take to add bought credits in my account?
    After getting the confirmation from accounts department, bought credits will be added in your account instantly.
  • Is there any monthly charge?
    No, there is not any monthly charge.
  • How do I view my sent SMS?
    Log in to web based panel and there in the sent items you can check the sent text SMS.
  • Does the data shared by us is safe or will it be shared by any third party?
    The data shared by you is completely safe, we never share the information with other companies.
  • Do you offer SMS technical support?
    Yes, we do offer technical support.
  • Can I send SMS anonymously?
    No, you can’t send SMS anonymously.
  • How do we add new Sender ID?
    To add a new sender ID, we have to take an approval from DLT, if the provided Sender ID by you is available at the panel then your Sender ID is added.
    The Sender ID should be of 6 number, not less than or more than that.
  • What is 6 alpha letters id?
    6 alpha letter id is your Sender id.
  • How can I check the status of messages?
    Yes, you can check the status of your message.
  • For how long my SMS reports are available to preview or download?
    It’s available for 90 days.
  • Can we schedule an SMS?
    Yes, we can schedule an SMS.
  • Which file formats are supported by bulk SMS panels?
    Comma delimited (.csv) file is supported by bulk SMS panel.
  • What is bulk SMS unit?
    1 SMS=1 Unit
  • Can we send SMS more than 160 characters?
    Yes, you can send the SMS more than 160 characters and your message count will be shown accordingly in the panel.
  • Do you provide any reseller panel?
    Yes, we do provide reseller panel, for more information contact us on email id
  • Can we sent the messages to all the locations?
    Yes, you can send the message, as we provide the services PAN India.
  • What is the least number of SMS that can be purchased?
    The least number of SMS that can be purchased is 50,000.
  • Is DLT Registration is mandatory?
    Yes, As per TRAI’s new rules, DLT Registration is mandatory.
  • Can we send SMS without DLT Registration?
    No, you can’t send the SMS without DLT Registration.
  • What are the new rules of TRAI?
    The new rules of TRAI is before sending any Bulk SMS to any of your prospect, you have to take the approval of that SMS from DLT Platform.