Bulk E-mail Marketing

bulk email

Bulk E-mail Service is an easy way to promote business using E-mail technology. We provide large amount of E-mail facilities to our customers. In E-mail Marketing where you will be able to send E-mail campaigns from our platform integrated with advanced web-based E-mail marketing software & E-mail delivery infrastructure. E-mail marketing has been proven the most effective and strong marketing which can help your brand to communicate on our behalf perfectly and efficiently.

We provide two types of account in this panel. One is user Pannel – which can be used by users to send messages. And the second, Reseller Pannel , which can be used by resellers .

Features of Email Marketing Software

  • Quick E-mail send
  • Bulk E-mail send
  • Received reply E-mail in your specific mail id inbox
  • Unlimited Mail send
  • Packages

    • Software Charges: RS. 10000/Year
    • Unlimited Send Mails
    • Software Charges: RS. 9000/Year
    • Unlimited Send Mails

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